It’s a Cirque World

New Holiday Traditions to Try Out This Month

'Twas the night before the premiere, when all through the theater
Not a performer was stirring, not even an acrobat;
The costumes were hung by the dressing rooms with care,
In hopes that the audience soon would be there;

A fresh blanket of snow slowly covering cities is a telltale sign that the Holidays are right around the corner. A time of the year that is filled with wonder and joy for many.

Your inner elf might be short of mischievous prank ideas to pull on the kids this year. No need to turn into a grinch, build up your Holiday cheer with new traditions to share with your loved ones. We’ve come up with fun ways to keep your loved ones occupied – and most importantly, keep the enchantment alive during these wonderful times.

1. Volunteering

Giving back is what it’s all about. We know how precious time can be and using it to help in your community is a priceless gift you can offer to those who need it. Have friends and family get together to make volunteer work even more fun. Team up with a local charity organization that is close to your heart and try to repeat the experience a few times during the season with different people too.

2. Going to a show

Whether you’re opting for a family outing, a date night with your partner or some quality time with friends, going out to enjoy a show is a spectacular way to make memories and get out of the house while at it.

Cirque du Soleil shows like ‘Twas the Night Before and Cirque du Soleil Crystal are very apropos for the Holidays, but other Cirque creations like PAW Patrol Live! or Drawn to Life are more family-oriented and will delight your little ones.

3. Cookie decorating competition

Competitive spirits rejoice, this could be your time to shine! Have everybody meet up in the kitchen and present them with a sweet challenge they will all love. All you need are cookies, icing, candies, decorations, and imagination. Award prizes to your pâtissiers like funniest cookie or most embellished so everyone can get rewarded at the end. It’s all about the fun you will have decorating and eating the masterpieces!

You could also opt for a collaborative activity like a gingerbread house, or smaller ones so everybody can contribute to a little edible village.

4. At home holiday photoshoot

Finally, you can put those matching pajama sets to good use. Turn your living room into a winter wonderland for an afternoon and uplift everyone’s spirit with an entertaining photoshoot. Play top model for a few hours with accessories and holiday decor items. Make use of what you already have at home as your backdrop, like a fuzzy blanket! You can even gift the pictures you took to friends and family!

5. DYI ornaments

Memories are often made during the Holidays – why not make a special one before that? This tradition is something you’ll want to get started on as soon as you can with your little one so they can make (with some help, of course) their very own ornament to add to the tree each year, for a fully personalized spruce. Change things up each year to have different colors, textures and materials, as they grow older.

6. Visit a Christmas market

A yearly outing can be something to look forward to for you and your family. To raise everybody’s spirits and get them on their best Holiday behavior, take them out to a Christmas market to marvel at what the artisans have on offer! Who knows, you might find something to spoil a loved one or yourself while there.

7. Write and send greeting cards

What will you do with the pictures you took for idea number 4? Get them printed out on greeting cards to send out. It’s a simple yet thoughtful gesture that makes every recipient smile as they open the envelope and see who it’s from. You could also DIY some cards with your kids on a snowy afternoon or make it a sip and paint evening with your adult friends!

8. Round up old toys and clothes at home to give away

Before buying new toys to leave under the tree, why not do a quick sweep at home to collect some items that could be donated? Unworn clothing items, forgotten toys, decor items, books – anything can benefit from a second life, provided it’s in good condition!

9. Creative gift-wrapping activity

Take out the stickers, the crayons, the markers, and the paint: we’re turning our homes into Santa’s workshops. Get your hands on a bolt of white or brown paper at the craft store and let your family’s creativity run wild! Unfurl the paper on a table and have your little artists decorate your soon-to-be giftwrap for a unique look that’s made with love.

Just a tip: if we were you, we’d avoid glitter. While it’s very pretty, it’s also very messy!

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